Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time does the event start?
    The event starts at 6:30pm. We would like everyone to be on time to receive our honoree.
  2. Can I bring someone even though I did not RSVP for that person?
    No, we ask that all guests RSVP
  3. If I didn’t rsvp, can I still attend?
    All guests must rsvp to attend this event
  4. Once I’m in the Venue, am I allowed to exit and re-enter the building?
    Yes, you are able to exit and re-enter the building
  5. Is the party a cash bar?
    No. Also, food and non alcoholic beverages will be provided throughout the event. This is a drug free event
  6. Is the venue handicap accessible?
    Yes, the building is handicap accessible
  7. Are children allowed to attend?
    Children ages11+ and up are welcome to attend
  8. Is there a gift registry or gift suggestions?
    Pastor Wanda loves to shop and get items from unique places. Visa gift cards are welcomed.
  9. What type of attire should I wear to this event?
    All white attire, casual chic.
  10. Is parking available?
    There are 2 Options for parking 1. Free street parking (limited) 2. There is $10 Parking Available at Penn’s Landing Walnut Street Museum ($10 CASH PAYMENTS ONLY; $20 IF YOU USE YOUR CREDIT CARD). This parking lot (not garage) is right next to the event venue and is your best bet for parking.